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The Marina Commodore river-side bar is a great place to relax and enjoy a few drinks, a bite to eat and a lot of laughs with your friends and our welcoming staff. In the warm, wood-panel atmosphere of the Commodore bar. We offer a pool table, video lottery machines, dining tables, a friendly bar and an outdoor terrace overlooking the Rivière des Prairies.

Our easy menu includes great sandwiches, salads, soups and other light menu items.

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Come join us every Friday and Saturday evening for fun-filled karaoke singing.

Everyone is invited to share song, laughter, genuine fun and friends. Commodore is for all boaters and friends of boaters anyone who likes to smile!

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Pool Table

Play a friendly game of pool or relax at one of our four Video Lottery machines. Either way you will always enjoy relaxing moments before or after your boating excursion

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Come join us for our live entertainment evenings of special event days. From Halloween parties to outdoor BBQ’s we love to share with good times with our customers who are really our friends. Marina Commodore offers a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole boating season.

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Gas Dock

Our Gas Dock is very conveniently located with the option for Ethanol-Free gasoline. Fuel up at Commodore this summer, we appreciate your business!

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Boat Launch

Marina Commodore has a convenient and easy to use boat launch onto Rivière des Prairies in Laval. The concrete ramp has plenty of depth to launch any size boat. At the Marina Commodore we have a gas pump, pump out, and plenty of parking for your vehicle and trailer. For the avid boaters, Marina Commodore offers a package rate. When you purchase 10 launches you get the 11th one FREE!

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Trailer Launch

Marina Commodore offers an alternative to our dockage and storage program with our popular trailer launch program. The program fee is typically less than half the cost of a dock and your boat and trailer are conveniently dry-docked near our launch ramp for easy access. The program works this way: Your boat is parked on your trailer in a designated parking area. You may hook your vehicle to your boat to launch at your leisure during the operational hours of Marina Commodore. This may be done as many times as desired during the season. Use of the private bathrooms and the picnic areas is also included. It’s that easy and convenient! If you are interested in our Trailer Launch program please fill out the form below and we will be glad to contact you back to help!

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Get in touch with us!

We can accommodate boats up to 38 feet. If you are interested in our DOCKAGE PROGRAM please call us today at (450) 669-3133.